What do I get?

    You will get all SFI-courses* from Wikners´ Förlag (Wikners´ Publishers). We are specialized in producing SFI-courses for schools in Sweden. The courses you will get are: 

    - Alphabetizing  
    - A-course  
    - B-course Appoximately equivalent to A1
    - C-course Appoximately equivalent to A2
    - D-course Appoximately equivalent to B1


    All the above courses are online and included when you become a member. If you like you can complete the online courses with our basic PDF books (purchase inside Sweol)**. In that case you will get more basic material. The PDF books have a built-in spelling check.

    This also means that you get both online and offline material to work with.

    For the moment you will get a beginner´s course (B) for free when you join sweol.com. It has a value of 24 Euros.

    All exercises at sweol.com are of course presented with sound. You can watch a YouTube clip here to see a little more of what we offer.

    * SFI - Swedish for immigrants.
    ** Lower price than paper books.