Here is a little information about using Sweol in mobile units. Both for the online part and for download and use of PDF´s.

    Online part

    When you login to Sweol wit a mobile unit (Smartphone, tablet or computer with touch screen), Sweol will ask if you would like to go to the mobile interface. This interface is specially designed to work with mobile units. There is even a special version for smartphones. This version excludes practices with typing. Of course all version can be used by most mobile devices.

    Download part (PDF`s)

    The following apps could be used to process PDF´s.

    iPad: Type, save: PDF Max, PDF Master plus others. Free apps.
    iPad: Type, save, listen to sound, Airdrop and more: PDF Expert, pay app.
    Android: Type, save: Adobe Reader, free app.
    Android: Type, save, listen to sound, and more: ezPDF Reader Pro, pay app.

    There is also a possibility to make Sweol as an app in mobile devices. Some may like to do this, some not. Using such app could decrease the possibilities of multitasking, depending on the particular device and OS. Down below there are hints of how to make Sweol an app. (In swedish)

    Webb2013/Bild_hemskarm.jpg Webb2013/Dela_digitalt.jpg