What do we show?

    Three base facts
    Sweol shows results from B-course and on.
    2. All figures are from today and 365 days backwards in time.
    3. You can chose to not show results for students.

    What you see in Teachers area.

    When you login yo teachers area you will see your schools result in average. It is compared to the results from all schools within Sweol. That could give you an idea of how your particular school is performing. If you chose to show detailed information you can get an idea of which parts of the result that are good or not. This will enable you to adjust the teaching if necessary.

    On to the results for single students.
    If you would like to see a single student result, just select Users accounts and then Manage accounts. Now you can find and select a single student in different ways. Show results by clicking Show account to the right.

    The same information is shown for the students when they login. You can chose not to show if a particular student don´t want to see his/hers results.